October 10, 2018
javascript visual creative

Recently after looking at the works of inconvergent I decided to try to implement some of the techniques that he uses. This one here was inspired mostly by fractures. While his algorithm for this is something that I want to explore in the future, the work here is somewhat different from what he did.

My implementation works in a much simpler way. It generates a line equation with random coefficients and it picks a random point in this line. From this random point, it finds the intersections to the right and left and draws a line segment connecting these two intersection points. And this is it :D A very simple logic and a very simple implementation, which produces a very interesting result. As usual, the implementation is opensource and available here.


October 13, 2018
javascript visual creative

Dancing Room Zero

September 29, 2018
javascript physics visual creative

Dancing Room

September 23, 2018
javascript physics visual creative