Art Gallery

Over the last 10 or so years (since before high school) I have gathered interest in creative coding and doing art with computers. Back then I didn’t even know what creative coding was. My first experiments were with Lissajous curves made in QuickBasic. Over the years I learned more about programming and started doing more complex things. Many of the works that I did are now lost because I didn’t care to share or properly store them.

One of the (secret) dreams that I have is to someday have an art exposition with my works. Back then it was not something that I had too much focus on. However, recently I became more and more interested in pursuing an artistic effort in parallel with my main line of work. I guess that this art gallery is the first step towards it. It includes my most recent works with the goal to share them with the world.

This are some of my more recent works. Mostly done with python and pycairo and posted to my Instagram.

This one are most some old images that I took from my (dying) tumblr here. Source code available here. It is pretty much just raw C.