Smart Panda - A Tetris Playground for AIs

March 4, 2019
artificial intelligence tetris

Smart Panda is a simple Tetris Playground intended for use with Artificial Intelligences. That is, the intended use of Smart Panda is as a Tetris engine to explore and apply some Artificial Intelligence concepts to Tetris. The core of Smart Panda is written in rust, compiled to wasm using wasm-pack and wasm-bindgen. What you see happening on the browser right now is controlled with JavaScript. That is, the heavy lifting is made in rust and javascript does some glue logic and calls the update events from Smart Panda. This (should) allow for some pretty amazing thing to be made here ;)

The goal is to implement a simple agent that can play the game. In the past, I made one using a GameBoy Emulator with a Genetic Algorithm and a paper was published about it with the title Playing the Original Game Boy Tetris Using a Real Coded Genetic Algorithm, in case you are interested. So now, I play to experiment more using simpler methods (I suspect that they might be enough). Running it in the browser should allow easier exploration thanks to a more accessible interface and ease of implementation. With the rust core speed should not be an issue. And finally, it allows for easier visualization and divulgation. No more need to compile C code and get hold of a shady Tetris rom.

This article still a work in progress ;) I published in it order to test and deploy it to run on a browser without my local setup.

Starcraft 2 Stalker Micro

August 19, 2018
starcraft 2 artificial intelligence micro